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May 16, 2011

Still here

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It seems I am still alive and working on a research project, who knew?


May 15, 2010

Job 1 Done!!!

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And the walking through the woods holding the hand of your gay bff is now gone. I feel so accomplished. Setting small goals you can achieve in 5 minutes but manage to stretch into over 24 hours is the key to having a fulfilled life. Cramming a semesters worth of legal lectures into 2 days worth of studying is the key to not having a pissed off wife, or I suppose in a life at all, fulfilled or no.

On another note I was thinking to myself today how great it will be now to have a blog because now I have a place where I can jot down all those thoughts I have that I don’t want to forget. I knew I had some good ones but of course couldn’t remember any of them. Very cyclical logic going on here.

On a third note, just made a chord, (ignore that bad music pun) I feel like Mike Birbiglia with his secret public journal…only truly mine is secret because no one reads my blog. It would almost be as if I was talking to myself at this point. Does that make me insane? I suppose it is the answering oneself that qualifies as insane. So if I begin adding comments to my own posts I’m in trouble.

May 14, 2010

Here we go

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Just finished my 1st year of law school and feeling pretty good. No one will see this post unless they go back because as of now no-one knows my blog exists, but they will…. Who I am?? A law student with a credit card with at least 7 bucks left on it for a domain name, access to free blog hosting and way too much into stream of consciousness posting on forums and now, most likely, on this blog. I want to use this blog to help keep me on track as well as post things to help other law students such as my notes and outlines. Hopefully others might contribute at some point as well.

Sooner or later I want to get some forums up…but sooner than that I need people to actually read this thing. It will be about class, about my life, about the law and about my family. My wife is pregnant with my first son and life is just getting more exciting everyday. Hopefully I will remain active and make this helpful for myself and others who stumble upon this random place. Maybe as I go on I will get a better idea of what this blog will become, because right now, who knows.

First step…getting rid of the random walking through the woods banner woodpress put up…

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